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The Veteran
March 20, 2011, 7:44 pm
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Guardian Society reports that a film call The Veteran will be released in April.  It’s co-written by Robert Craft who is an ex-soldier.

The Guardian report focuses on the mental health aspects of the film.  Craft reportedly has based the lead character of The Veteran on his own experience of serving on the frontline and “fighting his demons”.  The articles goes on to say that film deals with the difficulties that soldiers have in adjusting to civilian life and the psychological scars of war.

Based on this I might have expected this film to be a cross between Fishtank and The Deer Hunter.  However the distributors – Revolver Entertainment – make it sound much more like Rambo.

Soldier Robert Miller returns home from Afghanistan unable to fit back into society.

Finding work in the undercover surveillance of suspected terrorists, he becomes obsessed with saving a young Anglo-Asian woman from a group of fanatics . When his plan to assassinate the fanatics is sabotaged by the security services his rage spirals out of control. Taking the situation into his own hands, Robert embarks on a brutal quest for justice, with devastating consequences.

Starring BAFTA winner Toby Kebbell in a career-defining performance as Robert, the film also stars multiple award winner Brian Cox and Ashley “Bashy” Thomas. Evocative of 70’s classics such as Taxi Driver and The Conversation, The Veteran is a powerful and thrilling insight into the mind of a man who refuses to back down.

The Veteran is released on April 29 2011

The Veteran official website

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Photo credit US Army IMCOM