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Jim Loach’s first film ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ is in cinemas from April 2011. It has much of interest to mental health professionals as it deals with the impact of childhood abuse on identity, adult personality development and family life.

Comment by Mervyn Humphreys

I loved reading this it’s given me hope. I’m going through the same transition at the moment after 50 years of not doing what is really me. For the past twenty years I did work that finally trumatised me even more than the original trauma.
I like yourself had excelled at art poetry had a Camera top of the range never been used a treat to myself when I got my UK pension transferred to Australia.
Two years ago I gave up the toxic work and decided to study at TAFE Visual Arts. I realised this is where my truth is.
I fell into a deep deep depression that I’m still in I’m letting go I believe I’m grieving the things that I’ve kept hidden so much from even myself for fear of comming to a complete standstill. The more I discover the real me the more I become a recluse at the moment. You are an inspiration to me and have finally shed some light on what is happening to me I am hopeful.

Comment by Margaret Cook

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