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Review of secure by Audrey Gillan
February 2, 2014, 9:59 pm
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‘Secure’ by Audrey Gillan

Radio 4 – Afternoon Drama

Lightning fast dialogue and inspired by recent events, this Radio 4 drama delivers an imaginative and believable back story that engages right up to its gut wrenching end.

Unmistakably set in playwright Audrey Gillan’s native Glasgow, the troubles of two teenage girls in care maybe at the extreme end of experience, yet their concerns are common to many coming of age within a climate of individualism and instant interaction. What could be a voyeuristic re-enactment has universal themes, where those who are vulnerable and disenfranchised carry unquenchable feelings of hopelessness and loss.

“I want you to lock me up! I need to be safe!” shouts the middle class and bullied Siobhain though an intercom as she seeks entry from ‘the Open’ side of the care home into ‘Secure’; a place where “you’re locked up, but you feel protected”. All too quickly, her continual longing leads her and troubled roommate, Kerry, on a fateful journey to view the city lights.




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