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The Art of Psychiatry society has been formed to explore the shared elements between the arts and psychiatry.

Many psychiatrists, including trainees, have a strong interest in the creative arts and this informs their practice.  Both psychiatrists and creative artists are concerned with exploring human behaviour and motivation, and come to the subject of the mental disorder from different viewpoints and with different narratives. For instance the language creative artists and psychiatrists use to record or express psychopathology is totally different but equally valid.

The society holds bimonthly meetings. These are open to the public – please see upcoming events at the right of the page.


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Hi, I’m an Australian Psychiatrist and cartoonist. I write and draw books about psychiatric problems and publish them through my little publishing company, Shrink-Rap Press.

Your site is both interesting and valuable as without the art of psychiatry psychiatry itself will shrivel up into a set of boxes to tick with no regard to who we are actually treating.



Comment by Neil Phillips

Wonderful blog! I really enjoy it and plan to follow it.

I wondered if I might send you a copy of my book “Give and Take: A Road Map to Understanding a Psychiatrist”. In it I discuss ways in which to improve upon the psychiatrist/patient relationship.

I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Comment by Stephanie H. Mullany (@SHMullanyMDMAR)

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