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Sarvenaz Keyhani
June 4, 2011, 7:15 am
Filed under: Art Sarvenaz Keyhani is a psychiatrist and an artist and has been featured in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr Keyhani has kindly allowed this blog to publish some of her works with her own captions.  If you click on a picture this will take you to an enlarged image.

“Before the meeting was published in British Journal of Psychiatry in  April 2011, and is a scene from a psychiatry meeting I attended during my training in Wessex deanery and is chalk pastel on coloured paper.”

Melancholia is done in oil, black and white with the only dark purple in small areas of the painting. I did this painting in 2004-2005, 60 in 80 cm; the figure has cornered herself in the painting, wrapped in her own world as most of the depressed people would do. I didn’t have model for this painting.”

Silent cry was done in 2001, 60 cm in 90 cm; it took few months to finish the painting. It’s in oil paint, showing a scene of disaster, figures shouting and screaming but no one can hear them. Goya is one of my favourite painters and I love his paintings especially ‘The 3th of May’ showing execution of Spanish rebels by the French army and how timeless that painting is. Similary, I have omitted the clothing for my people in this painting, so they can belong to any time and any disaster showing the horrors of wars.”

Theseus and the Amazons is based on Greek mythology of a series of drawings I did on Greek Myths, all white chalk on black paper. I feel this gives more intensity than traditional black coal on white paper. The scene is taken from story of Theseus when he meets Antiope, the Queen of the Amazons; he has come to woo her, however other Amazons are suspicious of him and warning Antiope who doesn’t seem to listen.”

View of Amsterdam is a drawing with black ink, from when I went to Amsterdam in 2004. I was very impressed with the canals there, and people riding bicycles. Drawing is a separate art to painting, and no longer considered a preliminary sketch for a painting, as one can always put a lot of spontaniety in a drawing with quick lines and impressions.”


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Hi Sarvenaz;
Jafar and I loved your wonderful and very expressive paintings,we are very honored to know you.we like to invite you to visit us in California,there are a lots of art galleries here to see.please consider

Comment by elahe hajianpour

salam khanoom khanooma;
I am new to face book, I usually get what happening
in our family circle from khaleh sholeh .so proud to know you .I pulled some old pictures from you out you with your beautiful curley hair another at shahmir’s wedding and latest one when I came to Iran last time dinning out at chelo kababi khakh
with rouhi mamani. Shirin still remembers you as
pretty little girl with curley black hair,partly because we don’t want to admit we have aged ourselves,anyhooooo shirin and Ilike to here from you send us an Email.khodahafez

Comment by Hamid (shahriar) Etemady

sarvenaz if get the comment shoot me an Email

Comment by Hamid (shahriar) Etemady

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